Mahi Vij got corona, the actress shared the video and told the fans- ‘Don’t take it lightly’

Mahhi Vij Tv Actress Corona Positive: The speed of corona is increasing very fast in the country. More than 3000 cases have come across the country. TV actress Mahi Vij has also become corona positive and she has shared this information by sharing videos on social media.

tv actress mahi vij

Image Credit source: Instagram

Mahi Vij Corona Positive: nationwide corona virus A boom is being seen in the cases of In the last 6 months, so many cases have not come as many cases have started coming every day. Last day the figure of corona cases crossed 3000. A new variant of Corona is also spread in the country and the cases of this new variant are also increasing rapidly. tv actress mahi vij Has also become corona and the actress has warned all the fans in such a situation. He has also shared a video.

TV actress Mahi Vij has shared a video on Instagram in which she is interacting with fans and giving her health updates. In the video, she looks very dull and is recovering from Corona. The actress told in the video that she was having fever for 4 days and was having pain in the bones of the body. People told him that it is minor and he does not need to get tested for it. But the actress got her testing done in view of the family and her reports were found to be Covid positive.

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Mahi is missing daughters

Further she talked about her family in the video, she told that she is living separately and has isolated herself. Apart from this, he is forced to talk with his daughters on video calls. The actress told that her daughters are missing her and crying. She is also missing her daughters but she will have to remain in isolation until she is fully recovered.

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Actress’s message to fans

Mahi also gave a message to her fans. He told that there is no need to take this variant lightly. In the Corona period till now, he did not have such fever and such lethargy as is coming in this. That’s why he has warned the fans to take care of themselves, be safe and think about their families. He has given a message not to take Corona lightly.