Make computer superfast! Just go to the browser and delete these things!

While using computer, we often search the internet by going to the browser. Although we often do this in smartphones too. But do you know that the browser stores the data we search! This could include websites, passwords, browsing history, download lists, etc. This affects the efficiency of the PC. Gradually the computer system starts slowing down. That’s why you should keep deleting cache, cookies and history from the browser from time to time. Today we are going to tell you the easy way by which you can maintain the efficiency and speed of your PC.

Whenever we browse a website on the computer, it remembers the visited pages, images, etc. so that the next time we visit that website, that site can be opened quickly. Sometimes leaving the website history like this can be harmful for your privacy, for this also you can delete the browser history with the help of these steps.

Here we are telling you how you can delete cache, cookies and history from your browser.

for Google Chrome
First of all on your PC Google Chrome Open it. Then click on the three dot button at the top right.
Now More Tools select and Clear Browsing Data Select
Select all the boxes here that say: Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data.
Now clear data Click on

for Safari
If you use Safari for browsing then by going to the top menu History going into Clear History Select
Now select the time period in which you want to delete the history. After that click on Clear History.

for Mozilla Firefox
If you are browsing Mozilla Firefox If you use it, go to the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.
Here Privacy and Security Select then scroll down Cookies and Site Data Go to
Here delete cookies select on the box and clear data Click on
Once you delete the browser cache, cookies and history, you will need to login to those sites again. This may cause some trouble to you but the ability of the computer can be improved.