Malaika Arora: Many changes came in Malaika Arora’s life after the accident, said- my body went through a lot of shock

Malaika Arora

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In April this year, while going to Mumbai, Malaika Arora had a car accident. He was admitted to the hospital after the accident. However, now she is completely fine.

Malaika Arora ,Malaika Arora, She is in the headlines every day. Recently many of his pictures were going viral on social media. Fitness freak Malaika Arora is often seen outside the gym. Even at this age, he has kept his body in a better shape. However, after the accident in April, she was in shock for a long time. Malaika Arora has shared many things remembering that accident. He says that at that time his body was very much in shock.

Malaika has a deep love for Yeg

Malaika Arora recently india Told that he missed yoga a lot while recovering. However, Malaika’s love for yoga is not new. She often shares her videos and pictures on social media. His dedication towards yoga is so strong that even after being admitted to the hospital after a road accident, the first thing he remembered was to do yoga. She was thinking that she would soon resume yoga practice.

Malaika had a car accident while on her way to Mumbai in April this year. He was admitted to the hospital after the accident. Malaika did many things during this period with India And apart from talking about her yoga journey, she recalled that after having a car accident, she was able to practice during her health benefits period.

Malaika said that, ‘I kept asking my doctor when I can go back to do yoga. I couldn’t do it right away. I just wanted to do basic things. I was aware that yoga would make a huge difference to my mental and physical condition. That’s why I kept asking my doctor about this again and again. The day my trainer came home and took the class, I had tears in my eyes.

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My body has gone through a lot of shocks: Malaika

Malaika further said, ‘My body has gone through a lot of trauma after the accident and it needed time to recover. When I used to do my yoga class for 45 minutes to 1 hour. I felt very happy doing this. But now I am back to my practice and I am very happy about it.