Man orders ‘Bhang Ki Goli’ 14 times from Zomato on Holi! Delhi Police gave the answer like this!

Holi is a festival of colors and people also see different colors on it. But this time a unique tweet for Holi was also seen on social media. People often enjoy the festival by drinking thandai on Holi, it is heard that many people also consume cannabis on this day. Similarly, a person ordered cannabis from online food delivery platform Zomato. When Jomauto posted this tweet on its social media, this tweet went viral and also reached Delhi Police. Then we tell you how the Delhi Police reacted to this.

Zomato A person named Shubham, a resident of Gurgaon, placed an order to send cannabis tablets. According to the information received, the person kept ordering even after the platform refused. The man made a similar demand 14 times. Eventually Zomato posted this post on the social media handle. After that it started going viral fast. Delhi Police also replied on the post. Whom everyone is praising. In response to this post, Delhi Police wrote a very interesting and message-oriented statement. In the tweet, Delhi Police wrote, ‘If any of you meet Shubham, tell him that if he consumes cannabis, then do not drive after drinking cannabis.’

This tweet of Delhi Police is being praised a lot on social media. Delhi Police used Zomato’s tweet to spread awareness and take people’s attention to their well-being. This tweet of bhang ki goli went viral on social media on the day of Holi. The person asked for cannabis tablets 14 times. At the same time, after the tweet of Delhi Police, there was a flood of reaction of the users on it.

Users gave different reactions to the post. On the tweet, a user named Shubham wrote, ‘I do not live in Gurugram, I live in Delhi. It is customary to celebrate Holi by smoking cannabis, more so because my birthday also happens to be on this day. Please try to understand my position.

At the same time, another user wrote, ‘One should not run cannabis after drinking Holi on this car day.’

Let us tell you that according to the Delhi Police, on Holi, special teams were deployed by the Delhi Police at the main squares of the city so that the safety of the people could be taken care of.