Man will travel millions of kilometers away to the stars without spaceship, this method will work!

What will happen in the next 5 billion years, when the Sun will turn into a red ‘monster’ i.e. get very big and hot and eat the Earth? Scientists have been grappling with this question for a long time. Will this event lead to the extinction of mankind from the universe? Is there any way to save the species from this destruction? The answer is interstellar travel to a planet that could be the next home for humans. This is an imaginary way to save mankind, but is it actually possible? Even if we do find such a planet, it may take hundreds and thousands of years to reach there by spacecraft.

This means that it will take many generations for humans to find their new home outside the earth. However, a research paper suggests that interstellar travel can happen without spacecraft. Interstellar travel is the journey made by space flight between two stars or planetary systems. At the moment it is purely fictional.

In the research paper, Irina Romanovskaya, professor of physics and astronomy at Houston Community College wrote That aliens civilizations can help us with this. Romanovskaya said that in the future migration can be done using free-floating planets. The planets mentioned in the research paper are capable of continuously giving surface gravity and large amounts of space and resources.

In the year 2021, researchers discovered 70 to 170 such planets in a region of our galaxy. A study done in 2020 suggests that there may be about 50 billion such planets in our galaxy. Four scenarios have been described in the research, where interstellar travel can be done with the help of these planets. However, it has also been written that such planets cannot be a permanent way to avoid future dangers.

The first scenario concerns a planet passing close to an alien or alien civilization. The second scenario says that we can use technology to go through such a planet to a civilian planet. Although this research clearly says that such planets cannot be our permanent home in future. He will only act as a lifeboat, through which we will have to reach a place which is an alternative to the earth and can save the existence of humans from the destruction of the sun.

Although this is 5 billion years ahead. It is possible that by then science will find something that will make our problem easier. Do we know till then we get a better alternative to the earth?