Mandeep Kaur Suicide: Parents kept waiting in India, husband performed last rites abroad!

Mandeep Kaur of India, who became a victim of premature death under suspicious circumstances in New York, was also cremated there by her husband, while the family members present in India kept waiting for Mandeep’s body to reach. This news is being confirmed by the family members of Mandeep himself present in India.

mandeep murder case

The mystery behind the suicide of Indian-origin woman Mandeep Kaur in New York will hardly be solved now. Because in India, his family members kept waiting for the dead body to reach. While on the other hand the accused husband secretly cremated Mandeep abroad. However, the people of India present in New York (Mandeep Paksha) had been repeatedly asking the New York Police, when and how the body would be sent to India? In return, the New York police kept on evasively telling people “the investigation is ongoing”.

New York police claim that they have not violated any law from the point of view of US law by handing over the body of Mandeep Kaur to her husband. Whereas the family of Mandeep Kaur present in India is accusing the American police of complicity behind all this. It is pertinent to mention here that due to increasing pressure from New York Police and Mandeep’s family members present in India, husband Ranjotveer Singh Sandhu, accused of allegedly abetting Mandeep’s suicide, had left his flat in New York after the incident. Due to the apprehension of something untoward, he had gone to some unknown place with both the daughters.

The body was kept safe in New York

Meanwhile, the New York Police, which was investigating the incident, had kept the body of Mandeep Kaur safe after preliminary investigation. Mandeep Kaur’s body was kept at the funeral home in Richmond Hill area of ​​New York. In this area, Mandeep Kaur also lived with two young daughters and husband. Where between 1 and 2 August 2022, Mandeep Kaur was found hanging inside the flat under suspicious circumstances. Some people took Mandeep from the noose in a critical condition and reached the hospital for first aid, by the time he had died. Mandeep’s husband had gone missing after the incident. Husband Ranjotbir Sandhu, accused of forcing Mandeep Kaur to commit suicide, was adamant from the very beginning not to send the body of his wife to India. He said that according to American law, he has the right over the body of the wife and both the daughters.

The body was given to the accused husband only.

Finally, according to the news that is coming out now, the same thing happened that the New York Police handed over the body of Mandeep Kaur to the accused husband. While the maternal side kept trying to bring Mandeep’s body to India. In the media reports that came out on Friday afternoon, it was said that the body of Mandeep Kaur has been cremated abroad by her husband. Mandeep Kaur’s brother Sandeep Singh claimed to the media that her sister’s body was taken to New Jersey by her husband on the afternoon of 10 New York time and 10-11 August 2022 Indian time. Is. The New York Police took possession of the body and kept it safe at a funeral home located in the Richmond Hill area of ​​​​New York.

husband told viral video old

It is said that the video which Mandeep had recorded before committing suicide, the whole matter could be revealed only with the help of that video. On the other hand, regarding this video, Mandeep’s husband says that, the video now being viral is 4-5 years old. They are being defamed unnecessarily by making this video viral. For many years his family was living a happy life. If Mandeep’s husband is right, then the question arises that why did Mandeep commit suicide? If she was not tortured to such an extent that, she would be compelled to take a fatal step like suicide.

New York Police did not say anything

Sandeep Singh (brother of Mandeep Kaur), who is in India, claimed to the media on Friday that he has not yet been officially informed by the New York Police about Mandeep Kaur’s last rites being performed by her husband in New Jersey. All this news has reached India from Gurdev Singh, father of Mandeep Kaur, who lives in New York. On the other hand, in a conversation with the media, Kuldeep Kaur, younger sister of Mandeep Kaur, has also expressed anger over this being done in New York. According to him, “If Mandeep’s body was not to be sent to India. So at least we would have allowed the people to reach New York and have the last glimpse of his (Mandeep Kaur) dead body.”