Mankirt Aulakh Demands Police Protection: Mankirt Aulakh is in awe of Sidhu Musewala’s death! Demand to increase security from Punjab Police

Controversy related to Mankirat Aulakh

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After the murder of Sidhu Musewala, Punjabi singer Mankirt Aulakh is constantly receiving death threats. Mankirat has demanded the Punjab Police to increase the security.


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TV9 Hindi , Edited By: Aurobindo Verma

May 31, 2022 | 5:21 pm

Mankirt Aulakh Police Protection : Punjabi singer and rapper Sidhu Moosewala (Sidhu Moose Wala) The last rites have been performed in his village today. But now a new angle is coming out in the case of his murder. A post has been shared on social media in which it is being said that Mankirat Aulakh was behind the murder of Moosewala. ,Mankirt Aulakh, is the hand of. With the arrival of this news, this case has taken a new turn. Now the needle of doubt can also go towards Mankirat. Because it is also being claimed that Mankirat Aulakh used to charge money from all the singers. However, how much truth there is in this claim is still a matter of investigation. Mankirat has also received death threats. According to the news published in Aaj Tak, he received the first threat from the Bambiha gang in April itself and now he has been threatened once again. After which Manikarat Aulakh has demanded the Punjab Police to increase its security.