Manoj Patil attempted suicide, made serious allegations against actor Sahil Khan in the note

Model and professional bodybuilder Manoj Patil attempted suicide on Wednesday. After this move of Manoj, he has been admitted to Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. Let us tell you that Manoj has also written a suicide note before taking this step.

At present Manoj’s condition is said to be quite stable. While Manoj’s family alleges that he took this step because he was fed up with actor Sahil Khan.

Learn about the case in detail?

According to the Times report, Manoj Patil had also lodged a complaint with a police station in Mumbai accusing Sahil Khan of harassing her. According to the news, Manoj Patil has attempted suicide last night. According to Manoj’s suicide note, actor Sahil Khan has been accused of harassing him for the past several days. It has been said in the suicide note that due to harassment and slander, he is taking the step of suicide.

what is sahil saying

Now when the name of actor Sahil Khan is being dragged directly in this case, he has said while talking to ETimes that his name has been dragged in this case for some other purpose. The actor has said that I had met a boy named Raj Faujdar through social media, who was a resident of Delhi.

Raj had made a video, in which he told that Manoj Patil sold him those steroids which had expired after taking 2 lakh rupees from him. Due to this, he has got heart related problems as well as skin related problems. Raj also has the necessary papers.

I supported him on social media and shared the video. I also said that this steroid racket should be stopped. Raj Faujdar had said that Manoj Patil was not giving his money back due to which he had to sell his bike.

According to Sahil, Raj Faujdar has submitted all the necessary papers to the police. But I am surprised that in this episode my name is being dragged in place of Raj without any reason. I only helped Raj. I have not had any direct relation with Manoj nor have I done any transaction with him.

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