Marilyn Monroe’s warning also the world’s actress whose eyebrows could not save, only the rapist husband was ready to sell his wife

This unspoken word of mouth is the untold story of Britain’s international fame actress Dame Joan Collins. Dame Joan Collins turns 88 today. This same Dame Joan Collins was once warned by Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe in her youth.

Dame Joan Collins

Who would be such a person present in the human world who has not heard the name of Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe? The same Marilyn Monroe, in whose time you used to speak on the silver screen of Hollywood’s colorful film. These Marilyn Monroe (Hollywood Star Marilyn Monroe) had explained to a very beautiful girl about 60-70 years ago. The film world may be of any country, but the number of hungry and thirsty men in the body of a woman will be present everywhere.

Marilyn Monroe had advised this girl that if she could save herself from these hungry and thirsty wolves of the woman’s body in the film industry, then for her it would be the biggest achievement in the glare of this colorful film world.

Later on, this could not happen. Say that advice or warning of famous heroine like Marilyn Monroe. Time trampled under his feet. Today, the beautiful Dame Joan Collins, who has become 88 years old and the famous British heroine of the past, could not even save her body from the teeth of the hungry wolves of the film world.

Know who is this famous British actress

This impeccable mouth-watering ordeal is the untold untold story of Britain’s international fame actress Dame Joan Collins. Dame Joan Collins turns 88 today. According to media reports, this same Dame Joan Collins was once warned by Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe in her youth. Monroe warned that if she (Dame Joan Collins) somehow managed to protect herself, that is, her body, from the hungry wolves of the woman’s body in Hollywood. So she will win everything in time.

In the olden times, but it is good that anyone has seen and heard that whatever a person thinks, he can get it. Maybe not. Or it is rarely seen like this. There was a famous and famous heroine of Britain of yesterday and today Dame Joan Collins, an 88-year-old woman, has made all these revelations herself. By looking at the black and white moments of past personal life. On the aching veins of all the untold and untold aspects of my life so far.

It is difficult to scrape off the oozing wounds of the past

Recently, a very strenuous attempt has been made to awaken them by scraping them with the nails of their memories. Through a documentary. In which Dame Joan Collins has made a great effort to bring the situation in front of the era by scraping every leaking vein of her life. Collins says that she had five marriages in her life. Say the first marriage was a compulsion or a forced one. That marriage was done by Dame Joan Collins with the same Maxwell Reid who, on the very first date, made a very beautiful and then emerging Dame in the British film industry, one day raped her by taking her home.

In a state of unconsciousness by mixing drugs in cold drinks. It would be called unlucky or all-time that the Dame Zone, which was given to Maxwell Reed by mixing drugs inside a cold drink. Later he also became the first husband of Dame Zone. This is when Maxwell Reid used to be a famous film star in those days. Dame Joan Collins, who was raped by Maxwell Reed on her very first date, tells her.

That wretched day when I had to marry a rapist

“I was a virgin till the day Maxwell Reed invited me to his house and raped me on the very first date. Therefore, even without wanting to fear public shame, I had to get married for the first time with that person i.e. my own rapist Maxwell Reed. The Dame Joan Collins who was once present in the film world like Maxwell Reed. A person like the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe has already given the advice to avoid the hungry wolves of a woman’s body.

Forced by time and circumstances, even the beautiful heroine like Dame Joan Collins failed to keep her honor safe. Dame Joan Collins gets restless as she reads the horror stories recorded on the dark tattered pages of her own tumultuous life in her own past.

First drug addiction rape then marriage

This famous British heroine (British Actress Dame Joan Collins) starts telling further, “First rape under the influence of drugs, then marry the same person. That was the first deep wound in life. Which has never been filled with any ointment till today, nor can it be filled till the end of life. It was the same Maxwell Reid who, after marrying Dame, began conspiring to send her (wife Dame) gold into the arms of old rich men.

In that era, call Dame her rapist or Maxwell Reid became the first husband, in exchange for sleeping in the arms of an old rich man, 10 lakh rupees a night, which in today’s era sit in crores, lured to get wife Dame Gem Started giving. Then Dame felt that she had made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Maxwell Reed.

Fifth marriage at the last stage of life

So Dame got rid of Maxwell Reed by divorcing him. After this, Dame married British actor Anthony Newley for the second time. That second marriage also unfortunately could not last long. So in 1972, that is, 50 years ago, Dame Joan Collins had to marry Ron Cass for the third time. That third marriage also came in the year 1983 i.e. broke after 11 years. Scandinavian singer Peter Holm entered Dame’s life as the fourth husband.

What happened to that marriage, neither want to tell Dame. Nor is anyone interested to know about him. Because if there is a hole in the life of a dam of bad luck, then it should be counted or peeped in it. Dame’s life is wrapped in a sheet of holes. Yes, these days, after marrying 88-year-old Dame, the fifth husband and Hollywood’s famous film producer has come to a standstill at the last stage of life with Percy Gibson as his wife, at the age of 57, ie 31 years younger than his age.

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