Markets fall before RBI policy, Sensex and Nifty open with losses

There is a slight decline in the market before the announcement of the review. Investors have already anticipated the rate hike and its impact has been visible on the stocks. However, a higher gain than expected may increase the fall.

Market fall before RBI policy

Before the announcement of the policy review of the Reserve Bank, there is a vigil in the market. in the last trading session of the week Sensex and Nifty Open with loss. However the damage is limited. In fact, the market is already taking an estimate of the increase in rates and for some time the decline is also going on. Today’s business is open at 56,240.15 against the previous closing level of 56,407. At the same time, Nifty has opened at 16,798.05 against the previous closing level of 16818. A mixed effect is being seen in the sector index. While there is pressure in rate sensitive stocks

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What will be the effect of the review on the market

The market is already anticipating an increase of 0.35 percent to half a percent and its effect is also being seen in the market. If the increase remains more than half a percent, then there can be a sharp decline in the market today. Because increasing rates will have a direct impact on economic growth. However, if the gains remain below this range, the market may rally. However, the market will also keep an eye on the comments of the Reserve Bank. What the central bank is currently predicting about the growth and inflation rate and how strict it will be about the rate hike going forward, the market will be watching all these signals. All such signals which can put a damper on further growth will increase the sell-off in the market. Actually, October is the festive season and there is also a big income opportunity for many sectors and companies. In such a situation, the eyes of the market are on the decisions of today’s growth.