Markets happy with RBI’s policy review, Sensex up 1200 points from lower levels

After the announcement related to the policy, the Sensex reached 57400 and Nifty crossed 17100 after gaining. The Reserve Bank has today increased the key rates by half a percent as expected.

Market happy with RBI’s policy review


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TV9 Bharatvarsh

TV9 Bharatvarsh | Edited By: Saurabh Sharma

Sep 30, 2022 | 1:16 pm

According to the estimates, the economic review and the projections of further softening in inflation Share Market He has breathed a sigh of relief and after the morning’s fall, once again buying has been seen in the market. At present, the Sensex has seen a gain of more than 1200 points from the lower levels. The market has taken the governor’s decision and comments for the future in a very positive manner. After the announcement related to the policy, the Sensex has crossed 57400 and Nifty has crossed 17100 after the increase. At present, all-round buying is being seen in the market.

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where did the market reach

Today, before the policy review, there was pressure in the market. However, with the announcement of the policy, there was a sharp jump in the market and by afternoon trading, the Sensex rose by more than 1000 points to reach the upper levels of 57,424.74. At the same time, Nifty also reached the upper levels of 17103 after registering a low of 16748 in today’s trading i.e. it has seen an increase of 350 points from its lower levels. At present, the fastest rate has been seen in sensitive stocks. In fact, due to the sharp increase, banks were apprehensive of breaking the demand. However, according to the estimates, the sector remains a bit positive for the future after the growth. On the other hand, due to the softening of the inflation rate next year, it is estimated that the rate hike will remain in the range in the coming time.

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