Maruti Suzuki Dzire replaced in electric car, claimed to run 250 km in single charge, watch video

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire is one of the most popular cars in India. The car has been launched with many designs and every generation is loved by Indians. Now, a company doing R&D on electric vehicle has converted this non-electric car into an electric car. The owner of the company says that this car has been modified in such a way that there is no difference on its power and driving style. What is impressive is that the exterior and interior design has not been changed at all to convert the Dzire into an electric car. A video has also been shared to elaborate on the Dzire EV. Let us know in detail about Maruti Suzuki Dzire EV.

A company that sells electric parts and does R&D on electric vehicles Northway Motorsport Often keeps doing something unique. Recently, the company had expanded the Mahindra e2o range by more than two times and now, the company has done a new feat. The company has transformed the non-electric and Indian favorite car Maruti Suzuki Dzire into an electric car. The owner of the company, Hemank Dabhade, has explained the process of converting this car into an electric car, as well as a road testing of its road testing. Video Have also shared. What is impressive is that the car’s exterior and interior design have not been tampered with to convert the Dzire into an EV (Electric Vehicle). From the outside, you might not feel that it is an electric car.

Photo Credit: Northway Motorsport

The video shows that the engine of the Dzire has been replaced with a motor and the company has also installed a VCU (vehicle control unit) in it which connects with the car and due to this the current system of the car like acceleration Pedals, steering controls, AC systems, etc. are operated by aran. There has been no change in its transmission as well and it is as manual as before. Its battery pack has been replaced by a fuel tank and the company says that even after all these changes, the weight of the car has also been balanced according to the OEM standard. The car’s boot space is the same as before, due to the motor replacing the engine and some other essential parts and fitting the battery pack instead of the fuel tank.

As per the information shared in the video description, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire EV is powered by a 15KW power motor, which is capable of generating a peak power of 35KW. This motor generates a maximum torque of 170 Nm. The company has built 13 KWh, 15 KWh and 18 KWh capacity battery packs for this kit. These battery packs replace the fuel tank and if a pack of 18 KWh capacity is installed, the exhaust area is used along with the tunnel area of ​​the car. After all this modification, the weight of the car increases by 3 kg. An IP67 rating has also been added to it. It has been claimed that the car can hold a top speed of 160 Kmph (kilometers per hour). A separate BLDC motor has been used in the car for air conditioning.

A 15A socket can be used to charge the battery, which can charge the battery pack 100 percent in 8 hours. Apart from this, it has been claimed that the car can give a range of 250 km in full charge. However the range depends entirely on the driving style. Hemank says that by keeping the multispeed transmission intact, this car is capable of achieving good range even at high speed.<!–


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