Masoom: The ‘funeral’ scene for Samara Vault was quite challenging, the actress spoke on Boman Irani’s question


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Recently Boman Irani and Samara Tijori’s web series ‘Masoom’ was released on OTT in which both played the role of father-daughter. This was Boman Irani’s debut series on OTT.

Recently the web series ‘Masoom’ on Disney + Hotstar ,Masoom, Was released which was highly appreciated by the people. About 8 episodes of this show have been released. Boman Irani in (Boman Irani)milf samara vault (Samara Tijori) and Upasana Singh (Upasna Singh) Apart from this, many other important actors were seen who made their acting debut in this web series. But recently Boman Irani asked some questions and answers related to this web series to Samara Tijori and Upasana Singh, which both of them answered with impunity. It was kind of like a chitchat between themselves.

The scene of Creation was felt by Samara to be a challenging scene.

When Boman Irani asked Samara about the scene of the film ‘Masoom’, which scene did you find the most challenging in the film? On this Samara said, ‘It was seen in the trailer itself and that was the funeral. Because I think this was my big break down which happened at that time. There was a time when I felt that she was my real life mother. And I remember when we finished that scene and you all went to sit back. At that time I went out of there for two minutes. That was actually because I wanted to end my crying. Because it was cut at that time and I was crying sitting in the corner. This was my most emotional scene from this film.

See here what Samara answered on the question-

Boman Irani worked with Upasana Singh for the first time

Boman Irani said that I found my first scene with Upasana Singh very difficult because I had never met Upasana ji before this film. I did not even know Upasani ji. I only met Upasani ji on The Kapil Show. And I know she is a great actress and has a lot of energy. It was a simple shot ‘Good morning madam ji’, the curtains were just about to open. And the sunlight was coming into the life of a sad person.

Boman Irani also shared the experience-

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It is not challenging for an artist that how will you deliver the dialogues, your body language, your accent, whether I am doing it properly or not. I think it is your duty to understand the relationship between each other. And you should be comfortable with your co-actors so that you understand that you are all doing the same film. And once you hold each other’s hand, then only good results come out.