Match fixing in Australia? Uproar on one ball, team lost the match won! , big bash league brisbane heat lost to hobart hurricanes fans claim match fixing

Hobart Hurricanes defeated Brisbane Heat in the 55th match of Australia’s Big Bash League. Brisbane team could not score 18 runs in 23 balls.

What happened in the Big Bash League?

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ongoing t20 tournament in australia big bash league There has been a big ruckus. This ruckus has arisen after Hobart Hurricanes’ 2-run victory over Brisbane Heats. The ruckus is so big that the fans are linking it to match-fixing. In this match, Hobart Hurricanes, batting first, scored 120 runs in 20 overs, in response Brisbane team could only score 118 runs in 20 overs. At one time this team had to score 18 runs in 23 balls but still the Brisbane team lost the match.

The ruckus on Brisbane’s defeat happened in the last over. When Tim David had to save 10 runs in the last over. His third ball was hit for a six and that ball was a high full toss. This ball was so high that it was being considered as a no ball above the waist but the umpires did not check this ball. Just the cricket fans did not understand this and after that the talk of fixing this match of Big Bash League has started.

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How did the Brisbane team lose the match they won?

Brisbane Heat seemed to win this match very easily but the whole match was overturned in the last 23 balls. Let us tell you how Hobart’s team won the match in the last 4 overs.

In the 17th over, Faheem Ashraf gave just 2 runs and in this he took a wicket.

In the 18th over, Nathan Ellis gave 4 runs and took a wicket.

In the 19th over, Joel Paris spent 2 runs and took a wicket.

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How did Brisbane Heats lose the match?

Game done in 20th over!

Hobart’s team gave the last over to part time spinner Tim David. Despite the poor performance in the last three overs, Brisbane’s victory was believed to be certain, but something else happened. Tim David took the wicket on the third ball after dotting the first two balls. However, on his fourth ball, Bajli changed the match by hitting a six.

Now Hobart had to save 4 runs on the last two balls and David did not give any run on the fifth ball. on the last ball Brisbane Wanted four runs and his batsman Baijli could score only one run.