McDonald’s to reopen restaurant in Ukraine, closed six months ago due to war

McDonald’s will begin reopening its restaurants in Ukraine in the coming months. The company announced this in solidarity after the situation in the war-torn country Ukraine had normalized to some extent and withdrew business with Russia.

McDonald’s will begin reopening its restaurants in Ukraine in the coming months.

American fast-food giant McDonald’s will start reopening its restaurants in Ukraine in the coming months. The situation in the war-torn country Ukraine has returned to some extent and Russia After winding up the business, the company announced this under solidarity. McDonald’s closed its restaurant in Ukraine six months ago following Russian attacks. But, she was paying salaries to her 10,000 employees in the country.

Some restaurants will open in a phased manner

McDonald’s on Thursday said it would phase out some of its restaurants in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and in the country’s western part of the country where other companies had announced winding up operations after the war.

Apparel company Zara and Mango have outlets in Kyiv. Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s Corporate Senior Vice President of International Marketing, said in a message to employees that he has spoken in detail to his employees, who have expressed their desire to return to work and reopen our restaurant in Ukraine. Pomroy said that this is a small but an important step towards normalcy.

McDonald’s has 109 total restaurants in Ukraine

There are 109 McDonald’s restaurants in Ukraine. But, the company has not told how many outlets it will open. Ukraine’s economy has been severely damaged by the war and the reopening of businesses in a limited capacity will help the country. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that Ukraine’s economy will shrink by 35 percent this year. In protest of the war, McDonald’s announced the closure of business by selling 850 of its restaurants in Russia.

Let us tell you that a woman in France has found it expensive to eat a burger from a famous restaurant. In fact, the woman had ordered a burger from McDonald’s restaurant to satisfy her hunger. After this, as soon as the woman started eating the burger, a dead lizard was found in it. This matter has come to the fore in the McDonald’s branch in Paris. However, the identity of the woman has not been revealed yet. But, according to the reports of international media houses, the woman has filed a case against the company.

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