McLaren Lavoie Series 1 foldable electric scooter launched with 50 km range, will be amazing at the press of a button

McLaren has introduced its new e-scooter model which comes with unique features. As the automobile industry moves towards new energy based models, electric scooters have become popular in the small scale automotive segment. This is a scooter that can be folded. At present, the British vehicle manufacturer is working on bringing more models of electric vehicles. The latest model along these lines is the new Lavoie Electric.

According to Wertheimer, co-founder and CEO of Lavoie, “McLaren aims to create a vehicle that is strong, smooth, powerful, stylish and equipped with advanced technology.”

The company is giving more emphasis on clean energy in the passenger mobility segment. This is the best model presented by Richard Clarke (a former F1 engineer) and electric vehicle experts Eliot Wertheimer and Albert Nasr. All three are leading the Lavoie project. Lavoie Series 1 folding under this new series electric scooter It is the first model which is inspired by the suspension system of world level racing car. The scooter proves to be quite comfortable on bumps and uneven surfaces while riding thanks to the chunky tyres.

Talking about its specialty, the new e-scooter It is highly preferred due to portability. It is easily carried anywhere, just fold and go. It can happen with the push of this one button. Thanks to the magnesium frame this e-scooter Weighs only 36 pounds. Talking about the range, once it is fully charged, it can provide a range of 31 miles i.e. 50 km. Talking about the charging time, it takes only a few hours to get fully charged.



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