Medal won in CWG 2022, now questions raised on CM Kejriwal, asked – when will you give reward-honour?

Divya Kakran said that the way Delhi athletes playing from other states are honored, why are they not honored in the same way.

Divya Kakran won the bronze medal in wrestling.

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Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 In India many athletes have performed brilliantly and won many medals for the country. The whole country is praising and congratulating these medal winners. From the Prime Minister of the country to the Chief Ministers of different states are also praising him fiercely. of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal They are also congratulating the Indian players, but a medal winner from Delhi has raised questions on Chief Minister Kejriwal in the name of help.

young female wrestler of india Divya Kakran Won the bronze medal at the Birmingham Games. Kakran won the bronze medal in the 68 kg weight category in freestyle wrestling on Friday, 5 August. The 23-year-old wrestler won the bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games for the second time in a row. In such a situation, everyone is congratulating him for this success. Delhi CM Kejriwal also did not lag behind and he tweeted congratulating him.

Just congratulations, when the prize money?

After this congratulatory message from Kejriwal, on Sunday 7 August, Divya Kakran also made a tweet and thanked him. Along with this, Divya raised the question as to why she is not given any help or incentive from the state government. Divya wrote,

Heartfelt thanks to the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi for congratulating me on the medal, I have a request to you that I have been living in Delhi for the last 20 years and am practicing my sport wrestling, but till now I have received any reward from the state government. No amount was given nor any help was given.

The young wrestler also wrote that he should be honored like the players of Delhi playing for other states. Kakran said, I request you so much that the way you honor other players who play from any other state through Delhi, I should also be honored in the same way.

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Questions were raised even four years ago

This is not the first time that Kakran has publicly questioned the Delhi government in this way. Earlier in 2018, when Kakran won bronze medals in CWG and then Asian Games, he had said the same things in front of the Chief Minister in a program of Delhi government. Then the CM had assured full help. Now after 4 years again Kakran posted that video and wrote that time has repeated itself and nothing had changed for him before and nothing has changed now.