Mehak Chahal told about the pain of breakup before the player of dangers, said this about Ashmit

In the entertainment world, there are reports of relationships being made and deteriorating. Many times celebs declare to break their relationship in shock after being together for years, they do so after marriage, but in this all the fans also get a lot of shock. Fans have always wanted to see their favorite couple together. But in the same way when the relationship between Mehak Chahal and Ashmit Patel was broken, everyone was surprised.

Bigg Boss fame Mahal Chahal and Ashmit Patel’s love affair has always been in the forefront. The two dated each other for five years and then both got engaged. But then suddenly, the couple broke off their engagement.

Smell’s say on the breakup

When both of them broke up, everyone was shocked and the news had made a lot of headlines. Now once again, Mahk has spoken his heart on this issue. According to the news of the Times, Mehak does not consider himself guilty of his broken relationship with Ashmit. The actress says that when you start living with someone, you get to know her closely, then you get to know her better.

Mehak says that if she and Ashmit had not had a breakup, she would not have gone to Goa. Actually, the smell is in Goa these days. In such a situation, he says that I am feeling good with Nature. Staying in the same place was becoming painful. Ashmit and Mehak got engaged in the year 2017, after which the relationship broke up due to the feud between the two. The man says that I left Ashmit and I had to take this step and get out of this relationship.

Dangers will be seen in the player

The fragrance is going to be seen in the player of dangers this time, in which he has said that he is worried, he feels that it is risky. He is worried because there is also COVID, but I know that the channel will handle it well, this is the 11th season. Well, I have a very unusual phobia. The actress says that I am very scared of birds. I do not know why but I do not like birds. I am very scared when they fly and make a sound. Snakes, tigers and crocodiles are fine but birds are none to me. I hope I get this phobia in Cape Town because I can be asked to handle something about them in KKK 11.

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Twitter was banned by Kangana Ranaut, so the desi app Koo welcomed the actress in this way.

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