Memories: ‘Love with jewellery’ was the unique identity of Bappi Da, many times the reason for likes and dislikes, Rajkumar had said ‘there is only a lack of mangalsutra’

Bappi Lahiri was called the Gold Man. He was quite famous for his jewellery. But do you know that veteran actor Raj Kumar once told him that there is only a shortage of mangalsutra.

Bappi Lahiri Gold

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He was one of the legendary singer of Bollywood Bappi Lahiri (Bappi Lahiri), Bappi has given more than one hit songs in his career. Disco music has been given a different identity in Indian cinema. Bappi was called disco king but now this disco king has left us all. Please tell that Bappi was hospitalized for a month. But he was discharged on Monday. However, his health deteriorated again on Tuesday. After this he was admitted back to the hospital, but Bappi died in the night.

Let us tell you that Bappi was very fond of gold and he had made many gold jewelery for himself. Once Raj Kumar(Raaj Kumar) They were also surprised to see Bappi’s jewellery. Not only this, he had even said that there is a shortage of mangalsutra.

what was the matter

This is from the year 1969 when Bappi’s first film as a music director was released. After this Bappi gave many hit songs. Once again Bappi and Raj met for the first time at an event. At that time, Rajkumar was surprised to see Bappi’s jewelery and he jokingly commented on her jewellery. Raj Kumar had said, Wow wonderful, more than one jewel. There is only a shortage of mangalsutra.

why used to wear gold

Bappi had given the reason for wearing so much gold jewellery. He had said, gold is lucky for him, so he used to wear gold jewellery. According to reports, Bappi had 754 grams of gold jewelery in the year 2014. Bappi had told in an interview, ‘My mother had given me a gold ki tan which had a locket of Hare Rama Hare Krishna. I got my first blockbuster again in Wounded. When my mother gave me a chain, she said that it will be lucky for you. And the chain came and went with success. I have always got gold from my family. After mother, my wife Chitrani gifted me a gold chain which contained Ganpati’s locket. After that I got hits like Aaya Mera Dost from Bombay for your sake and Bombay.’

He further said, ‘I have many chains and also Ganpati’s lockets which brought a lot of change in my life. Once I had a dream that I should wear Ganpati. I wore it and after that my name came in the Guinness Book of World Records. My gold jewelery is so heavy that I cannot take everyone with me. I have never weighed my jewelery because God is there in it, so I never weigh it.’

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