Mercedes Preparing to Launch 4 New Electric Vehicles in India

German luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz plans to launch four new electric vehicles in India. The company expects India to contribute 25 percent of its electric vehicles (EV) sales by 2027. Mercedes sells four luxury electric vehicles in the Indian market, the EQS, EQB, EQC and the EQS AMG.

“We are happy with the performance of our EVs like EQS, EQB in the Indian market. We will have four more vehicles on the way,” Matthias Luehrs, head of the company’s overseas region, told reporters. When asked about the sales forecast for the EV portfolio in the country, Matthias said, “25 per cent of our total sales of electric vehicles in the next four years could come from India. The current share of EVs in the company’s total sales in the country is around three per cent.” percent.” Last year, Mercedes-Benz’s total sales in the country grew by almost 41 percent to 15,822 units. Last year this figure was 11,242 units.

Mercedes revealed that four new EV models will be launched in the next 8-12 months. These are imported in fully build units and fully knocked down units. company Assembling will take place at the Chakan plant in Maharashtra. When asked about the prospects of the Indian market for the company, Matthias said that India is the fifth largest market in the overseas region. He said that in the next two years, India can come at the fourth position.

When asked about the impact of higher taxes on the luxury car market in the country, Matthias said, “Generally, higher taxes hinder sales of cars or goods. Different international markets cannot be compared as they have different conditions.” Markets with lower taxes definitely sell more cars. This is the case in the US, Europe and China. If taxes are high, the premium category goes down.” In the economic survey released by the central government, it was said that by 2030, the market of electric vehicles could increase to one crore units annually. The country’s EV market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 49 percent between 2022 and 2030. Last year it was around 10 lakh units.


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