Message from Pakistan to Virat Kohli, will be in form on October 23

Pakistani bowler wishes Virat Kohli to return to form

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On 23 October 2022, India and Pakistan will face each other on the Melbourne ground. This will be the first match of both the teams in the T20 World Cup. A Pakistani bowler is wishing to be in the form of Virat Kohli in this match.

world cricket (World Cricket) If there is any hot topic right now, it is the form of Virat Kohli. Matches, tournaments, series are all changing. Team India’s opponents are changing. But if nothing’s changing, it is Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) form of. And, now it is going to take the third year in the sight of Virat Kohli’s century. When he left the captaincy in IPL 2022, everyone wanted to see Virat in the 2016 season. But, in fulfilling this wish of his fans, Virat himself was seen looking at the sky. As if you are telling the one above, for how long? Well, in the midst of all this, Pakistan (Pakistan) A message has come from This message is less a prayer of someone, who is wishing that Virat Kohli return to form. That’s why the fun is about the 23rd October match.

Now you must be wondering what is on 23rd October. So let us tell you that on 23 October 2022, India and Pakistan will be face to face on the Melbourne ground. This will be the first match of both the teams in the T20 World Cup. And, in such a situation, a bowler from Pakistan wants both the teams to come down with their full strength. And one of the biggest strengths of India is Virat Kohli. So he is wishing for his return to form.

Virat Kohli back in form – Shadab Khan

The name of the Pakistani bowler we are talking about here is Shadab Khan. Shadab has made a big deal about Virat Kohli’s poor form during a media interaction in Pakistan. Pakistani media asked Shadab- Virat Kohli not being in form would be beneficial for Pakistan or does he want him to return to form and see a strong match? Now read what Shadab Khan said in response to this question.

He said, “As a player, we would like Virat Kohli to return to form. He has scored a lot of runs in international cricket. India has won many matches. It will be fun if he stays in form.” Shadab further said, “Cricket is a team game. Here the performance of a player does not decide the victory or defeat. Rather everyone has to give their best. If the team loses, it is the responsibility of all the players. And if she wins, the same thing happens.”

If the wish of the Pakistani bowler is fulfilled then…

This wish of Pakistani bowler is expected to reach even Virat Kohli. And, it can also be speculated that what can Virat Kohli do on Australian pitches when he is in form. However, on October 23, when the cricket teams of India and Pakistan are face to face, then it should be expected that a strong and exciting fight will be seen. Because, the real fun of this war lies in him.