Met Gala: US MPs reached by writing special ‘message’ on white dress, Biden came out in support and said big thing

Joe Biden on AOC Met Gala Dress: US President Joe Biden has made several tweets supporting the views of American MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ie AOC. She arrived at the Met Gala wearing a white dress, with something written on it, which made Biden happy. It is written in red color on the dress, ‘Tax the rich’ i.e. tax the rich. Biden tweeted about this, ‘Now is the time when the richer and bigger companies pay their fair share of tax.’

AOC, a member of the US Congress, is being accused of doing politics in the program. While many people are also praising him. Retweeting President Biden’s first tweet, the AOC said, ‘I don’t agree much. Taxing the rich would help us expand medicine, child care, take action on the climate, and more. We have a valuable opportunity right now to harmonize with the Build Back Better Act and we should utilize it.

On which people the tax will not increase?

Then about two hours later, Biden discussed expanding the proposed legislation, which the Democratic Party is aiming to pass in both houses by the end of this month. In another tweet, Biden said: “If you make less than $400,000, my Build Back Better agenda won’t raise your taxes by one cent.” What’s more – you’ll get a historic tax cut and lower costs on things like babysitting and healthcare. It will be fully paid by the rich by paying their fair share.

Thousands of dollars will be saved

This package is worth $ 3.5 trillion. The purpose of which is to increase taxes on companies and people who earn more than $ 400,000 every year. The purpose of this bill is to help people and combat climate change. President Joe Biden said in another tweet, ‘We are going to put money directly into the pockets of American workers by reducing the cost of care for children and the elderly and creating a truly universal preschool. This investment will help working families save thousands of dollars every year. This is a big deal.

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