Meta launches subscription service in US for facebook instagram verified profiles more details

Users will now have to pay for verified profiles on Facebook and Instagram. The company has launched paid service for this. That is, if the user wants a verification badge or tick on his account profile, then he will have to pay for it. Facebook, Instagram’s parent Meta has started this service. Like Twitter, the company is now going to charge the user for the verification tick. Let us tell you that now how much charge the user will have to pay for this.

TwitterInstagram and facebook Like in today’s time almost every age person has started using social media apps. Recently, Twitter paid off the blue ticks used for its verified profiles. Last month, Facebook also started tick testing, which was informed by the company in a blog post. Reuters’s Report According to, now the company has started paid service for verified ticks. The company has launched a paid service for verification badges in the US. Company informed about this blog post I have also given

meta On the platforms, users will be given a blue tick for the verified profile, for which the user will have to provide his ID proof. For this, a charge will be taken from the user, which will be $ 11.99 (about Rs 990) per month. This verification charge has been mentioned for the web version. At the same time, for Android or iOS platform, the user will have to pay $ 14.99 (about Rs. 1240) per month.

Meta has already launched the paid verification service in Australia and New Zealand. After that it has now been introduced in America. Soon it has come to light that it will be started in other countries of the world as well. Recently Meta had also announced to reduce its workforce in large numbers. The company cited cost cutting. This was the second time that Meta attracted 11,000 people. lay off had announced. Earlier, the company had shown the way out to 10,000 people.

Twice in a row, it is obvious that Meta’s implementation of paid verification points towards increasing revenue. Elon Musk first started paid verification Twitter was done by The microblogging site has introduced different colored verification badges, with yellow badges being given to companies, gray badges to government officials and blue badges to individual profiles.<!–


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