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Mi Boost Pro Power Bank with 30,000mAh battery capacity launched in India, know price

Mi Boost Pro Power Bank has been launched in India with a capacity of 30,000mAh battery. It includes features such as power bank power delivery (PD) 3.0, fast recharging via USB Type-C port and advanced 16-layer circuit protection. According to Xiaomi, through PD 3.0, this power bank can be fully charged in 7.5 hours at 24 watts maximum power. The device also features high-density lithium polymer batteries, which are said to improve the charging conversion rate and stabilize the discharge voltage. This power bank is currently issued crowdfunding.

Mi Boost Pro Power Bank price in India, availability

Mi Boost Pro Power Bank per unit through crowdfunding Rs 1,999 Is being sold in However, after crowdfunding this power bank will be sold for Rs 3,499. This power bank will be available for purchase in single black color option.

Mi Boost Pro Power Bank features

The Mi Boost Pro power bank features three ports, of which two are USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port. The USB Type-A port can be used to charge a compatible device as well as the power bank itself. Users can also charge the power bank via micro-USB cable. It comes with 18W fast charging support, which can charge up to three devices simultaneously. However, it is not clear whether it charges all three devices at 18 watts at a time.

Talking about fast charging capability, the Mi Boost Pro Power Bank comes with Power Deliver 3.0 technology, which has USB Type-C to USB Type-C (input / output) charging support. Along with this, it also has lithium part charging support from USB Type-C. Power Bank with USB Type-C to USB Type-C provides charging at 24W maximum power. According to Xiaomi, it gives full charge to the power bank in 7.5 hours.

Xiaomi says that the Mi Boost Power Bank is equipped with a high-density lithium polymer battery. These batteries are equipped with advanced resistance-capacitance sensors, which make the device safer, improve charging conversion rates and stabilize the discharging voltage.

This power bank also has a smart power management feature and a low power charging mode for small gadgets. By double pressing the power button, the power bank enters a 2-hour low charging mode, which charges devices such as wireless earphones and smart bands. Additionally, the Mi Boost Pro Power Bank comes with 16-layer advance chip protection, which protects the device from overheating, current and short circuits.<!–


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