Mike Tyson accused of rape, woman sues in 33-year-old case Boxer Mike Tyson Trapped In 33 Year Old Rape Case, New Rape Lawsuit Filed Against Him

The woman filed a case against Mike Tyson in a 33-year-old case, but the date of when the incident of rape took place is not mentioned.

The rape case dates back to the early 1990s

Mike Tyson is the ‘Badman’ of the boxing world. Controversy in and out of the ring, former heavyweight boxing world champion Tyson go along with. Tyson, who is 56 years old, is currently accused of rape by a woman. However, this matter is 33 years old. This incident happened in the early 1990s. The woman filed a $5 million lawsuit saying that Tyson raped her in a limousine after meeting her at an Albany nightclub, causing her to suffer physical, mental and emotional injuries.

The woman told in her affidavit that when she arrived to meet Tyson in the limousine, he immediately started touching and kissing her. The woman said that I forbade her to do so several times. Tried to stop them but they did not agree and raped me. The allegations made by the woman were investigated by her lawyer Darren Selbach and he found that whatever she said has substance and is also true.

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Tyson sued for rape

The woman filed a case against Mike Tyson but the date is not mentioned in her affidavit. Means the incident of rape took place in the beginning of 1990s, but its date is not known. However, this is just one episode of the controversies related to Tyson. He has been embroiled in such controversies in the past as well.

Mike Tyson and controversy

The incident dates back to 10 February 1992 when Mike Tyson was accused of rape by a beauty contest contestant. After his allegations, Tyson was imprisoned for 6 years. Although he was released on parole in only 3 years. After this, in the year 1997, the incident related to the dispute happened inside the ring. During a match, Mike Tyson angrily bit off the ear of opposition boxer Evander Holyfield. It is said that Tyson had bitten Holyfield’s ear so hard that some part of it fell in the ring itself.

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Arrested 38 times in childhood

Born on 30 June 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, Tyson was very mischievous since childhood. When people used to make fun of him because of his slang in childhood, he used to fight with them. It is said that Mike Tyson was mischievous to such an extent that he was arrested 38 times only at the age of 13.