Mini India became Britain! 273% increase in Indian students in 3 years, these are 4 big reasons

Study in UK: In just 3 years, the number of Indian students in Britain has increased the most. The number of UK Visa granted to Indian students has increased by 273%. What is the reason of this?

UK has the largest number of Indian students (file photo)

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The number of Indian people in Britain is increasing rapidly. Especially of students. According to the latest report, India ranks first in terms of foreign students in Britain. Indian students received by United Kingdom in just last 3 years UK Visa The number has increased by 273 percent. These figures have been released by the UK Home Office. With this record increase in the number of UK visas, India has also overtaken China. This has been revealed by the immigration data released by Britain’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Looking at the way the number of Indians is increasing in the UK, it can be said that Britain is becoming a mini India. But why is this happening? What is the reason behind this? Understand the whole matter.

How many visas did UK give to India and China?

According to UK Home Office data, Britain issued 1,27,731 study visas to Indian students till the end of September 2022. Whereas in 2019, the number of UK Study Visa received by Indians was only 34,261. Means a direct increase of 273 percent.

On the other hand, if we talk about China, then it remained at number two after India. While till now China used to be number 1 in this matter. By the end of September 2022, the UK granted 1,16,476 study visas to Chinese students. In 2019, this number was 1,19,231. That is, there was a decrease of 2 percent.

Why suddenly increased Indian students in UK?

According to Jay Lindop, director of the Center for International Migration at the ONS, ‘In the year leading up to June 2022, there have been a number of events around the world that have encouraged migration from other countries to the UK.’ There are 4 big reasons-

  1. Removal of restrictions of Kovid 19- When restrictions were removed from travel after the cases of corona epidemic were controlled, a large number of people started coming to Britain. In this, the maximum number of students were those who had taken admission in UK universities, but were studying online while staying away due to travel ban. There were a large number of Indian students among them.
  2. Russia Ukraine War- When the war started in Russia and Ukraine, people started migrating to the surrounding countries due to security reasons. Especially from Ukraine. In such a situation, international students studying there also came to Britain. It is obvious that there is a sizeable number of Indian students in Ukraine.
  3. Brexit- After Britain’s separation from the European Union, that is, after Brexit, many rules regarding immigration in the UK have changed. They were also made a little easier. For example, in July 2021, a new graduate route visa was introduced so that international students can study and work in the UK. For this, maximum visas were given to 41 per cent Indians.
  4. HPI Visa – In May 2022, UK brought special High Potential Individual Visa. To attract bright graduates from top universities around the world. So that they can go to UK and work. In this category too, 14 per cent visas were given to Indians, while not a single Indian institution comes under the criteria of Britain’s Top Global Universities.

Overall ONS data shows that in June 2021, where the number of people migrating from other countries in the UK was 1.73 lakh, it increased to 5.04 lakh in June 2022. After Brexit, an increase of 3.31 lakh was recorded in one go.