Mobile banking on target of this virus, banks alerted, can protect like this

All banks including HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank and Karur Vysya Bank have alerted their customers about this virus. With a little care this virus can be avoided.

Mobile banking on target of this virus

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There is a big threat looming over the customers of Indian banks. That’s why most of the banks have asked their customers to be cautious. Banks have asked customers to avoid downloading the app from anywhere other than the official app store. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) has said that Indian bank customers are being targeted by the new Sova Android Trojan. Mobile banking is being targeted in this. This Malware The new version of hides with fake Android applications to deceive users. After this it appears with the logo of popular apps like Chrome, Amazon, NFT……. The only way to avoid this is that users download an app only from the official app store.

Virus removal is difficult

If this malware comes once in the phone…. Then it is difficult to remove it….. Targets over 200 mobile applications. All banks including HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank and Karur Vysya Bank have alerted their customers about this malware. All other banks are also planning to send alerts to customers. Users should not download apps from any third party website at all…… Apart from this, users should regularly update their Android device with the latest patch….. Apart from this, the most important thing is that users should not visit any untrusted website. Don’t forget to click on any suspicious link……

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Safety will be done with some caution

This malware is sent via SMS. As soon as this fake app is installed in the mobile phone. It copies all the apps already downloaded in the phone and makes the financial application its target. Therefore, people have been advised to review all the details of that app carefully before downloading an application on an Android device. Check its download number. Read user reviews. Check out their comments and take a peek in the additional information section. This malware is capable of collecting keystrokes, stealing cookies, intercepting multifactor authentication, taking screenshots and recording from webcam. This app can encrypt your mobile. And could put sensitive customer data at risk as well as commit financial fraud to you on a large scale. Banks have asked their customers to immediately report any unusual activity in the bank account to their bank so that further appropriate action can be taken on it. Apart from this, banks have also advised all their customers to install anti-virus and antispyware software in their mobile phones.