Mohamed Shami’s torn shoe…

Shami’s shoe was completely torn while bowling on the third day of the match.

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Mohammed Shami had stunned the batsmen with his deadly balls in the Edgbaston Test against England, but apart from his balls, his shoes also caught everyone’s attention.

The star fast bowler of the Indian cricket team, Mohammed Shami, made life difficult for the England batsmen with his sharp balls on the second and third day of the Edgbaston Test. Shami got only two wickets in the innings, but facing his balls was the biggest challenge for the England batsmen. Shami’s balls Indian Cricket Team (Indian Cricket Team) impressed the fans, equally surprised by the condition of their shoes. While bowling, one of Shami’s shoes had a big hole in the front, which raised the question in the minds of many that why the Indian pacer, who earns a lot, has to wear such shoes?

Bad condition of shoes in Edgbaston

Shami was bowling tremendously on the third day of the Edgbaston Test, but during this time he had to change his shoes. Shami’s one foot was completely torn from the front, due to which he had to get his new shoes. This surprised everyone. Shami’s shoe broke because it already had a hole in the front, which finally opened completely. Now again the same question that why this hole was there? So the answer lies in the next few lines.

That’s why wear torn shoes

In fact, not in both the shoes of Shami, but only the left foot has a hole, the reason for which is hidden in his bowling. Experienced right-handed pacers wear similar shoes in every match, in which the left foot shoe has a hole in the front. Actually the big reason for this is Shami’s bowling action. When Shami bounces lightly before throwing the ball in his run-up and then comes to the crease, his left foot remains forward at the time of landing.

Shami’s bowling action is such that when his left foot lands, his toe also comes forward rapidly. Now in closed shoes, he does not get a place to come beyond the fixed place, so a big hole is made in the shoe at the place of the thumb, so that the thumb can get an open space at the time of landing.

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There is a trend of this jugaad among bowlers

By making such a hole in the shoe, the thumb gets freedom, due to which there is no extra pressure on the foot and the risk of injury is reduced. Shami is not the first or only bowler to do so, but it is a very common trend among fast bowlers in world cricket. For many years, players who have bowled with high speed keep using this jugaad.