Mohammad Siraj will cry a lot after becoming the number one bowler! , mohammed siraj number one odi ranking struggle family father death hyderabad

India’s Mohammad Siraj is the number one bowler in the ICC ODI rankings. Siraj has achieved this success in his career after many struggles.

India’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj’s day on Wednesday, January 25 brought very good news. This 28-year-old Indian player has now become the number one bowler in the world. For the first time in his four-year career, he has got this happiness. But on this happy occasion, he will cry profusely. By remembering that person because of whom he has reached here. the person who Siraj But he wasted everything. Worked hard day and night and fulfilled Siraj’s dream of becoming a cricketer.

His father is very important in Siraj’s life. He always gives the credit of his success to his father. Today, when he has become the number one bowler in the world, his father is not with him to celebrate. In such a situation, Siraj’s eyes will definitely become moist remembering his father on such a big occasion.

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Siraj saw poverty closely

Siraj was born in a poor family in Hyderabad. His father used to drive an auto. With his earnings, he could barely manage the household expenses, in such a situation it was not easy for him to fulfill his son’s dream of cricket. Despite this, he used to cut his stomach to fulfill his son’s wish. During an interview, Siraj told, “When I used to go to the stadium for training, that time was not easy for my family. He was struggling a lot financially. I had only one platina bike. My father used to give me 60 rupees for petrol. I used to run the whole day’s expenses with that money.

Siraj had told that when he was given a chance for the first time in IPL, his life changed. He told, “When I was selected for the IPL, the financial crisis of the family ended. Abbu stopped driving the auto. Mother also stopped working. We left the rented house and started living in a new house. This was everything for me. I just wanted to see my parents happy. IPL gave a lot and taught a lot.

Couldn’t see father’s face for the last time

When Siraj’s father passed away, he could not even see him for the last time. Siraj was in Australia at that time. Due to the Corona protocol, if he had left the team, he would not have been able to join back. Siraj’s mother refused the son to come home. Siraj also got a chance to make his Test debut on this tour. He played an important role in getting the team a historic victory. He remembers his father on every good performance, every festival, every success.