Money9: If the fund manager changes, then withdraw the investment or wait, what is your strategy?

There are many reasons for change in fund manager. Some of it is positive and some negative. Funds are affected by how a new fund manager will perform

What should be the strategy if the fund manager changes

Money9: On this 22nd July, Prashant Jain, a veteran fund manager of the Indian mutual fund world, resigned from the post of Chief Investment Officer of HDFC AMC… It was considered a big event. Prashant can be called a very durable batsman, whether it is to stay in the same fund house for about 29 years or stick to his tried and tested investing style…

Now HDFC Mutual Fund will be run by a new captain. The fund manager change incident happened sometime back in Axis Mutual Fund, though the reason was different. Axis pulled out two of its fund managers due to front running stains.

What to do when fund manager changes

In such a situation, many investors got worried that what should they do now? There will also be questions in your mind that what should be done if a fund manager changes? So first of all it has to be understood that there are two types of cases. It is possible that a fund manager is progressing and may be moving to a better position in another fund house. Second, a fund manager is fired due to poor performance. The investor has to keep in mind what kind of changes are taking place. Now let’s assume that the fund manager has quit because of something very bad. So what should an investor do in such a situation? Watch this video to know the answer to these questions