Money9: Prices of natural gases increased, then the prices of CNG, PNG will increase?

The Gas Authority of India ie Gail has increased the prices of natural gas for the companies supplying CNG and PNG. Due to this, the prices of CNG used in vehicles and PNG used in cooking may increase.

Then the rates of CNG and PNG may increase

Money9: Fears of a hike in the prices of CNG and PNG have once again increased as CNG And for the companies supplying PNG, the Gas Authority of India ie Gail has increased the prices of natural gas. There has been a direct increase of 18 percent in prices and the price has been increased to $10.5 per unit.

On the other hand, due to the huge demand for natural gas from European countries, there is a problem in gas imports in India. There has been no bid for Indian Oil’s tender for gas imports, it may also have an impact on natural gas prices in the country, as about 50 percent of the total natural gas consumed in the country has to be imported.

India’s neighboring countries are also facing the increased prices of natural gas. Electricity production in Bangladesh has been affected due to the increased prices, due to which there is power cut. At the same time, Pakistan has decided to impose a tax of about $ 12 billion on its people to keep the natural gas supply regular. It is necessary to pay for the oil and gas that Pakistan has purchased earlier. Pakistan can default if payment is not made and it is levying tax only to avoid default.

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