Money9: Seat-belt alarm on every seat of car, decision taken on increasing accidents

The number of vehicles in India is only 1 percent of the world, although in terms of the number of deaths in road accidents, India’s share increases ten times to 10 percent.

Seat belt alarm in vehicles made mandatory

Image Credit source: The Hindu

Soon on the back seat of the car Seat belt If not, the alarm will sound. At this time most cars do not have an alarm system attached to the rear seat belts, with only a few luxury cars fitted with a rear seat belt alarm system. But now the government has issued draft rules making it mandatory for car companies to install seat belt alarms in all the seats of the vehicle. Apart from this, speed alert system for over speeding and manual override system for central locking system will also have to be installed in the car. In the event of an accident, the electric system fails and in many cases it has been seen that passengers are left trapped in the car. A manual override system will open one door of the vehicle in such a situation.

You can comment on the draft regulation issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The last date for submitting comments is October 5. All the changes in the rules related to the rear seat, are being done recently after the death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Misri in a road accident. Was not wearing.. Both died in the accident. The World Bank had said in a report last year that India is among the countries where the number of people who die in road accidents is highest. According to the report, one person dies every four minutes in road accidents in the country. While the number of vehicles in India is only 1 per cent of the world, surprisingly the share in terms of number of road accident deaths increases ten times to 10 per cent.

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Although in India it is mandatory for all the passengers of the car to wear a seat belt, there is also a rule to impose a fine for not doing so, despite this, most of the people sitting in the rear seat do not wear seat belt. In this, the rule of administration is not strictly implemented. It is also a great reason to do so. This is the reason why car companies say that instead of making seat belt alarm mandatory in cars, the government should tighten the rules related to wearing seat belts. It has increased and in some places the traffic police is strictly implementing the rule. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, there is a provision to impose a fine of thousand rupees for not wearing a seat belt.