Money9: The story of PVR’s stock, which was a super hit in the last one year, know whether the earnings picture is yet to come?

The stock of PVR has gained more than 60 per cent this year. While the stock has seen a rise of 14 percent in the last one month, the stock reached its record levels at the end of July.

What should be the investment strategy in PVR

Money9: Two years ago, due to Kovid, the lockdown had to be imposed, then the oxygen of multiplex-cinema halls stopped. They had to be kept closed for a long time and this whole business reached like ICU. Yes, OTT platforms got the direct benefit if its multiplexes were closed. Then it felt that it would not be easy for multiplexes like PVR, Inox (Inox) to survive in this war. But, it did not happen, as soon as the lockdown restrictions were lifted and malls-multiplexes opened. Their business started getting back on track rapidly. whose effect stock market Showing up in the shares of companies.

Stock up 60 percent in one year

Talking about shares, the shares of multiplex sector giant PVR started running towards the sky after rising from the ground. In this way, understand that this year itself, the share of PVR has risen by more than 60 percent. And this is when the whole market is lying face to face. So the thing comes that will the return film be a hit in PVR’s stock going forward? Will the investors get a chance to earn money in this stock? Before finding answers to these questions, let us see the performance of PVR’s stock in the recent times. In a month, this stock has run about 14 percent. On July 29, PVR rocked. On this day, the stock reached a lifetime high of ₹ 2153.85.

Know what could be the way forward for PVR
Want to know what has been the reason for this rise in PVR stock and how the future performance of the stock can be, then watch this video

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