‘Moon’ found outside the solar system, orbits with exoplanets as big as Jupiter

Scientists have discovered more than 10,000 exoplanets, which are outside our solar system. Although scientists have not been able to detect the moon orbiting any of them. In a new study, scientists have prepared a new outline of the discovery. Researchers think the celestial body they have now found could be a giant moon orbiting a planet outside the solar system. This moon orbits an exoplanet the size of Jupiter. If it is confirmed in the investigation, then it can become the first ‘exomoon’.

Although four years ago, it was said that a celestial body is an exomoon. That finding has yet to be confirmed. Many experts think that the same could happen with this celestial body. By the way, there are many specialties in both these celestial bodies. They revolve around the same planet. The recently found celestial body is slightly smaller than the previously found body. Scientists think that both these things are made of gas. These could have been planets too, but another planet pulled them into its orbit.

published in the journal Nature Astronomy Study According to, the new object is revolving around an exoplanet ‘Kepler 1708b’ 5,500 light-years away from Earth. Scientists saw about 70 such objects with the help of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. Only one of these objects was found, which indicates that it is an exomoon. This celestial body is about 2.6 times larger than Earth.

Excited by this discovery, researchers believe that there are likely to be many more moons, which may be like our moon. The claimant of exomoons discovered four years ago and David Kipping associated with the research of exomoons now discovered Tell That the first finding in any survey will usually be strange. Both exomoon candidates are located far from their stars. This means they are less likely to be kicked out of their classes. Now it remains to be seen how long this research is confirmed and till when the conclusions of the research done four years ago can be confirmed.



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