More dreadful place in the world than jail, where elderly parents have been crying for 21 years after seeing their son in undeclared captivity!

The aged parents of 44-year-old Tony have left no stone unturned to get their son out of this hellish life-giving prison for 21 years while he is alive. But everywhere there was failure.

Seeing the son in undeclared captivity, the elderly parents have been crying for 21 years! (representative picture)

There is hardly any other place in the human world that is worse and more dreadful than prison. I am going to mention here but a place more scary than jail. The place where an elderly couple has been fighting for the last 20 years to get the imprisoned young son, the unlucky boy imprisoned in this wretched and scary place, I am referring to in this story, he is a common man like us – you Neither is. Call it the biggest compulsion of his life or consider it the bite of human life. This unlucky person, who has turned 44 today, is actually a ‘A’ category patient of “autism”.

The name of the unlucky person whose life I am talking about inflicting wounds is Tony. Tony’s mother, Pam Hickmott, who is suffering from autism and is currently innocent, forced to suffer this hell, is currently about 78 years old and the unlucky father’s age is 81 years. Whoever hears the story of Tony being held hostage away from his father for 21 years, he shudders. Tony, who was suffering from autism, was admitted to a hospital in 2001 i.e. about 20-21 years ago.

Is it a hospital or a deadly prison?

Patients are kept locked up in this hospital under the ‘Mental Health Act’. Since then, never in 20 years has Tony been given a chance to live with his parents. The pain of the parents, who have reached the last stage of life and living separately from the young son for 21 years, to get the son out of the hospital in a worse condition than the jail, can be easily guessed in such a situation. Actually, behind all this misfortune, either say the misfortune of this family or else, it is the blind law of the country that is responsible. Under which there is a dangerous law like keeping the mentally and physically weak people imprisoned in hospitals worse than jail for a long time.

call blind and obstinate law

In today’s human world, such a law would be called ‘blind’ or ‘obedient’ law. Who keeps a mentally weak son hostage. But this law prevents such children from becoming the support of their old parents. The horrifying reality of a person whose life has become worse than hell, I am mentioning here, only the old parents of his son keep imprisoned in the name of hospital in worse conditions than in jail. According to the Daily Mail and the victim’s family, many more such people have been imprisoned in this hospital in Britain. They don’t have any money either.

Old parents have no way anymore

The aged parents of 44-year-old Tony, who lives in East Sussex, UK, have left no stone unturned to get their son out of this hellish life-giving prison for the 21 years he has lived . But everywhere there was failure. Actually, this matter was busted when ‘BBC’ did a news on this bad life of Tony. According to this, Tony’s parents told that, after being admitted to the hospital, they could talk to him in the meeting room of the hospital for 9 years.

Hundreds more unlucky close to Tony

In the hospital where Tony has been imprisoned in the name of treatment and mental health treatment, there were 100 more such patients who have been lodged here for the last 20 years. While around 350 people are living in this hospital for the last 10 years. According to Tony’s helpless elderly parents, “When Tony was taken to the hospital in 2001, we were assured that he would come home after 9 months. Later it was found that the matter of being sent back from the hospital after 9 months was a hoax. Even after 21 years, Tony has not been able to reach his old parents to stay at home.

Such media exposed

According to reports, in 2013, specialist doctors also talked about taking Tony home from the hospital. Even after that, Tony has not been able to come out of this hell-eaten and return home till date. The BBC was also informed about Tony by a whistleblower about a month ago from now. When BBC investigated, it came to know that more than 450 such troubled people are lying locked inside the hospital. When the story of Tony, who was imprisoned in the hospital for 21 years in the name of illness and treatment, came out through the media, there was uproar all over the world.

Cursing such a law

The era started cursing that ‘Mental Health Act’ of the developed country from Britain, under which the sick are forced to lead a hellish life by imprisoning them undeclared in hospitals in this way. It was only after the matter jumped in the media that a victim named Phil Devine also came to the fore. Phil Devine told that, he was present in the hospital between 2015 and 2017. To what extent is it difficult for an adult to be confined in such a hospital? It can only be imagined by those who have stayed here.

According to Phil Devine, “Sick human beings are treated worse than animals in the hospital, where instead of healing the disease, it can cost the life of the patient. As far as Tony imprisoned in the hospital is concerned, he has been left in an isolated place like an animal. Whereas he has no such crime that he should suffer all this.”

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