More than 150,000 people have died due to Corona in Britain so far, PM expressed ‘grief’, shared black background message

UK Coronavirus: Britain has been greatly affected by the Corona virus epidemic. Even now the havoc of the virus is being seen in the country. The death toll has exceeded 150000.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British PM Boris Johnson on Covid-19 Death Toll: Like the rest of the world, Britain is currently facing record cases of corona virus. The government said on Saturday that more than 150,000 people have died due to corona virus in the country (UK Coronavirus Cases). Britain is among those countries in Europe that have been badly affected by the virus. Posting a message on Twitter, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, ‘The death toll in our country due to the corona virus has come to the fore and the total number of deaths recorded till date has reached 150,000.’

The government said that the number of people who lost their lives within 28 days of being found positive with the corona virus has reached 150,057 since the beginning of the epidemic. At the same time, Russia is the only European country where the death toll has reached about 315,000 (Black Backgroud Message of Boris Johnson). Sharing the message on a black background, Johnson said, ‘Every single death from those who have lost their lives to the corona virus is a deep loss to their families, friends and communities and my condolences to them. Is.’

More than 2 lakh cases were also found

The number of daily cases in the UK reached a record high of more than 200,000 last week, but in recent days the number of cases reported in the last 24 hours has come down to 146,390. Strict rules have been implemented in the country including the mandatory wearing of face masks (UK Coronavirus Death Toll). However, Johnson himself came under attack when he opposed the crackdown on social gatherings in England during festivals. Due to this the health system of the country is also being badly affected. The number of people testing positive and living in isolation is increasing. Due to which both the expenditure and burden of the government have increased.

Army will be sent to hospitals

You can guess the worsening situation due to Kovid-19 in Britain from the announcement made by the Defense Ministry on Friday, in which it said that it will send the army to help the employees in hospitals. This time the number of hospitalized patients and the death toll is much less than in the first wave of the epidemic, because people were not vaccinated in the UK at that time. The government has appealed to the people to get a booster dose. Which has affected about 61 percent of the people above the age of 12 in the country. Now the government is asking those people who have not got their vaccination done yet.

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