More than 20,000 workers out of the Chinese factory of iPhone, there will be a decrease in production

There may be a reduction in the production of iPhone due to high sales in smartphones. More than 20,000 workers have resigned from Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant in China, Apple’s largest contract manufacturer. Most of these were placed recently. This will affect the company’s target of increasing production by the end of this month.

A large number of workers protested on Wednesday due to the delay in payment of salaries and restrictions imposed due to Corona in this largest plant of iPhone. Foxconn then offered a payment of 10,000 yen (roughly Rs. 1,14,000) to the workers who resigned. The company had also apologized to the new workers for the technical mistake related to salary. A Foxconn source told Reuters Told That more than 20,000 workers have resigned from this plant. Foxconn declined to comment.

Foxconn had hired a large number of workers earlier this month. The company had also promised bonus to the new workers along with higher wages. Last month, Foxconn had to isolate many workers due to restrictions imposed after the outbreak of Corona. In addition, many workers had left because of the poor conditions at the plant. Strict measures are being taken to deal with the epidemic under China’s President Xi Jinping Zero Kovid Policy. Apple has Plant had slashed its forecast for shipments of the premium model of the iPhone 14 due to difficulties in the US. The production of this plant can decrease by about 30 percent.

Apple also produces iPhone in China and India. The company has started manufacturing some models of its new iPhone 14 series in India. This is being seen as part of the company’s plan to reduce manufacturing in China. Samsung ranked first and Apple second in global shipments of smartphones in the third quarter of this year. After this there was Xiaomi and Oppo of China. Apple was the only company to register growth in shipments.


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