More than 9 lakh employees, rule from salt to ship, no one becomes a king like Tata

Tata Group, its other name in India is ‘Bharosa’. If any one business group has done maximum work in making India a modern state, then it is Tata group. Today it gives employment to more than 9 lakh people. Apart from this, many more stars are embedded in the crown of Tata Group. Let’s know the story of Tata from salt to ship…

Tata Group, its other name in India is ‘Bharosa’.

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Tata Group Story in Hindi: India’s first airline ‘Air India’, India’s first indigenous luxury hotel ‘Taj Hotel’, India’s first indigenous passenger car ‘Tata Sierra’, India’s first fully indigenous car ‘Tata Indica’, India’s first safest car ‘Tata Nexon’ ‘…You will get tired of making the list, but it is difficult to get an accurate idea of ​​what the Tata group has given to India.

The second identity of the Tata Group is the word ‘trust’. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the task of running the Tata Group is also a ‘Trust’. Tata Trust does. If people think that Tata Group has made India famous only in the field of business, then they may be surprised to know that Tata Group has set up many institutions that make India a modern state.

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This includes institutions like Indian Institute of Science, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Tata Institute of Social Science and Tata Memorial Hospital. On the other hand, when the Archeology Department started work in Pataliputra to find the capital of Emperor Ashoka, even then Sir Ratan Tata of Tata Group gave money and introduced us to the history of India.

Today Tata Group is the largest business group in India. From salt to aeroplanes, from trucks and buses to cars, from kitchen spices to electronics and from wrist watches to IT companies, jewelry and clothing, there is no such sector where the Tata Group is not present. After all, how old is this group…

Jamsetji Tata

Jamsetji Tata, founder of the Tata Group (Photo: Tata Group)

Tata started with just Rs 21,000

Generally, very few people know about the beginning of Tata Group. Jamsetji Tata, born in Navsari, Gujarat, started his career as a trading company. 1868 I laid the foundation of Tata Group. Then his age was only 29 years and capital was invested Rs 21,000 only, However, in those days this amount was huge.

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Tata’s company used to trade through ships. But soon i.e. in 1869, he got into the textile business. He bought a defunct oil mill in Mumbai (then Bombay) and converted it into a textile mill. Perhaps because of the foundation of this business house in Mumbai, the name of the headquarters of the Tata Group Bombay House Is.

Story of Taj Hotel

You may have read or heard this story somewhere before, but without this story, Jamsetji Tata’s contribution to the Indian industry cannot be understood. So the story goes that Jamsetji Tata once went to Watson Hotel in Mumbai, where he had to face racial discrimination. What was it then, they decided to build a luxurious hotel and in 1902 the Taj Hotel of Mumbai came to the fore.

Taj Hotel Tata

Mumbai’s Taj Hotel opened in 1902 (Photo: Tata Group)

It should also be noted that a few years back ‘Taj’ Has got the recognition of the world’s most luxurious hotel brand. At the same time, Jamshedji Tata has been chosen as the most philanthropist of the whole century.

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