Mother washed the clothes of others, spent day and night under the tin roof, now trying to make it true on the pretext of cricket

Rovman Powell promised his mother to eradicate poverty

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That cricketer has no words for his mother. It is because of his mother that he has got world cricket today. So whenever he plays, not for himself, but for his mother.

Promise. The meaning of this word is very big. If you have promised, you have to keep it. this cricketer (cricketer) He also made a promise to his mother. Promise to eradicate poverty. To drive away the days of misery and struggle. To be rich. In this way, even two-time roti was not destined. There was a bus in the name of living then a dilapidated house with tin roof. When there was no birth, only then the mother’s support was left from the father. In such a situation, childhood passed in poverty. Education took place in secondary school. But at the same time, this cricketer took a vow and promised his mother that poverty would be eradicated. Cricket (cricket) It became a means for him to fulfill that promise. The name of the cricketer whose story we are telling here is rowman powell (Rovman Powell),

In the documentary made by the Caribbean Premier League, Rovman Powell said one thing about his mother. He said, “There are no words to describe your mother. I have grown up watching him wash the clothes of others. So that I can fill my stomach. I can go to school.”

I play cricket for my mother – Pavel

Powell further said, “Whenever I face difficult challenges on the cricket field. I convince myself by saying that I am not doing all this for myself. I am doing this for my mother. I am doing it for my sister. If I had been doing all this for myself, then when would I have ended. I am doing this for those whom I love dearly. I am doing this for their better life, so that I do not have to see the days which I have seen in my childhood. ,

Rovman Powell was born in the Bannister District of Old Harbor, Jamaica, in the West Indies. The family consisted of a single mother and a younger sister. Pavel has lived in poverty since childhood.

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Living up to the promise of eradicating poverty

Rovman Powell was bought by Delhi Capitals for Rs 2.80 crore. There was a wave of happiness in West Indies cricket on this bid on him in the mega auction of IPL 2022. Ian Bishop told ESPNCricinfo that he started from the very bottom. When he was in secondary school, he had promised his mother that he would lift him out of poverty. He is just living up to that promise, playing cricket for the same. His life journey is inspiring.