Mothers Day 2022: Make Mother’s Day special by giving special gifts not flowers, cakes, these are the best options

Give this financial gift to your mother

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Mothers Day 2022: Along with wishing your mother, why not give such a gift so that her spending power increases and security can last a lifetime.

Today Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day 2022) is. On this occasion, you will be preparing to give a gift to your mother. Most of the people like to give things like cake, flowers, clothes in the gift. But in today’s time just giving this gift is not enough. If you want, you can choose such a gift, which will give your mother financial security ,Financial Planning) help to give. Plan something different for your mother this year and give her a financial gift. You give your mother paper gold (Paper Gold), can gift gifts like mutual funds. Let us tell about such gifts, which you can give as a gift on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Buy Paper Gold

Mother likes to sleep. Therefore, this time on Mother’s Day, you can not give gold ornaments but paper gold to your demand. You can invest in Sovereign Gold Bond or ask to invest in Gold Fund. There is no need to worry about paying the making charges or keeping it safe. You can also buy gold ETFs, but for this your mother will need a demat and trading account. Gold mutual funds are also an option.

Buy Medical Insurance

health is Wealth. You can buy a health insurance scheme with critical illness cover for your mother in old age. Also, ensure that the mother has regular medical check-ups and keeps herself healthy. If there is an option, you can get his/her name included as a beneficiary in the group health cover provided by your employer.

Open Senior Citizens Savings Scheme Account

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme Account is a great and safe investment option if your mother is above 60 years of age. Start investing in Senior Citizens Savings Scheme account. It gives an assured return of 7.4 per cent and has a tenure of five years. The interest rate changes every three months. This scheme is safe as it is managed by the government. In this interest is paid every three months. The upper limit of investment is Rs 15 lakh per person.

Invest in Mutual Funds

Apart from investments like Fixed Deposit (FD), Recurring Deposit (RD), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Mutual Funds are a great and safe investment option. Choose a fund with a balance of equity and debt and ensure that the fund is open-ended, so that your mother can redeem the fund as per her needs.