Motorola will also launch an under-display selfie camera phone! got this information

Motorola is developing a new smartphone that will come with an under-display selfie camera. The new Moto phone may come with Moto Edge X30 and Moto Edge S30. Motorola on Thursday confirmed that the Moto Edge X30 is launching next week, while the Moto Edge S30 is also expected to arrive later this month. In recent times, many companies including Samsung, Xiaomi and ZTE have come up with their under-display selfie camera phones. Although this technique is still in the initial stage and people are yet to adopt it.

A tipster on Weibo Claim It is said that Motorola is working on a mysterious phone, which will have an under-display selfie camera. The new phone is said to feature the Moto Edge X30 and Moto Edge S30 Work in progress with

In September last year, ZTE was one of the first manufacturers to adopt the under display selfie camera technology. the company Axon 20 5G was introduced to. However, this launch did not affect the rest of the manufacturers and after a few months Xiaomi Mix 4 debuted as Xiaomi’s first under-display selfie camera smartphone. After this Samsung also Galaxy Z Fold 3 Introduced an under display selfie camera.

Now it remains to be seen how Motorola will present this new technology. Exact information about this has not been revealed yet. There are also rumors about the name of the phone and it is not yet known whether this phone will be a part of the current series.

Meanwhile, Motorola has confirmed the launch of Moto Edge X30. The smartphone will debut in China on December 9 and will be the first phone from the company to come with the latest 8 Gen 1 processor from Snapdragon. Moto Edge X30 in Global Markets Moto 30 Ultra can come as