MS Dhoni also gets angry, Captain Cool himself revealed

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is counted among the greatest captains in the world and the specialty of his captaincy has been that he is always calm on the field.

MS Dhoni is known for his calm demeanor on the field. (File Pic)

Former captain of Indian team Mahendra Singh Dhoni Known as Captain Cool. That is because Dhoni did not panic and remained calm even in the most difficult situations on the field. He did not take pressure on himself. Very few times it has happened when Dhoni has been seen angry on the field. Everyone used to think that how Dhoni can do this. Now Dhoni himself has revealed its secret and told why he was never angry on the field.

Dhoni has said that he also gets angry on the field like everyone else, but he keeps his emotions under control. It was under Dhoni’s captaincy that India won the first edition of the T20 World Cup in 2007. After this, India won the 2011 World Cup under the captaincy of Dhoni. In the final of this World Cup, Dhoni took the team out of the pressure situation and led the team to victory while remaining unbeaten.

Trying to know the reason

Dhoni said that he also gets angry but he controls his emotions. Dhoni asked the audience on Livefast, “Which one of you thinks your boss is quiet.” A few hands were raised on this question. Then Dhoni asked, “Either they want to score their points or they are the bosses themselves.”

After this Dhoni said, “To be honest, when we are on the field, we don’t want to make any mistake. Be it misfielding, or dropping the catch or any other mistake. I have always tried to find out why the player dropped the catch and why someone misfielded. Getting angry doesn’t solve matters. 40,000 people are already watching on the field and crores of people are watching the match on TV. I had to see what the reason was.”

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I am also human – Dhoni

Dhoni Said further, “If the player is 100 percent alert on the field and he drops the catch even after this, then I do not have a problem. Obviously, I want to see how many catches he took during practice before that. If he has a problem somewhere and is trying to get better. I focus on all these things instead of dropping the catch. We may have lost the match because of that catch but the effort is always to stay in his position and understand things. I am human too. Inside I feel the same way as all of you do. You feel bad when you play matches with each other. We represent our country. So we feel worse but we try to control our emotions.”