Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance’s huge earnings, increase in market cap by 47 thousand crores, know why

There has been a tremendous increase in the stock of the country’s largest company Reliance Industries and there has been an increase of about Rs 47 thousand crore in the 375-minute trading session. In fact, late Thursday evening a report came about the retail and digital arm of Reliance Industries. In which it was said that the value of RIL’s stake in retail has reached $ 111 billion and the value of Jio Reliance has reached $ 88 billion. After which there has been a tremendous increase in the shares of the company today. Let us also tell you what kind of figures have been seen regarding Reliance Industries in the stock market.

Tremendous rise in Reliance shares

Reliance shares have seen tremendous growth on the last trading day of the weekend. According to the data, the company’s stock has increased by 2.85 percent. This means that by the close of the market, the company’s stock has reached Rs 2508 with an increase of Rs 69.45 per share. The company’s stock had also reached Rs 2510 during the trading session. By the way, a day ago the company’s stock had closed at flat level at Rs 2438.55. The company is trying to cross its high level with Rs 2,816.35 soon.

Company’s market cap increased by 47 thousand crores

After this increase, there has been a good growth in the market cap of the company. According to the data, the market cap of the company has reached Rs 16,96,814.66 crore. A day earlier the market cap of the company stood at Rs 16,49,827.50 crore. This means that in the market cap of the company, in one day or rather, in the trading session of 375 minutes, Rs 46,987.16 crore was deposited. Experts estimate that this market cap can cross Rs 17 lakh crore on Monday.

Market got boost

Due to the increase in heavyweight shares like Reliance Industries, the market also got a boost. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s flagship index Sensex gained 629 points to reach 62,501.69 points. Sensex needs 1000 points to cross its life time high and set a new record. On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty closed at 18,499.35 points with a gain of 178.20 points. If Nifty continues to rise like this for two more days, then it will leave behind its life time record of 18,887 points which it had set on December 1.