Mumbai’s Dharavi redevelopment project went to Gautam Adani Group, bid for 5000 crores

Mumbai’s Dharavi redevelopment project has finally been bagged by the Gautam Adani Group. He had made the highest bid of 5 thousand crores for this.

Gautam Adani

capital of maharashtra Mumbai known as Asia’s largest slum located in Dharavi redevelopment project Gautam Adani Has gone to the group. Adani Group to achieve this 5 thousand 69 crore bid Was put The tender process in this regard was completed on Tuesday and Adani Group won. DLF Group had bid for 2 thousand 25 crores. Naman group was found illegal in the tender process. Due to making the biggest bid, finally this project came in the hands of Adani Group.

For the fourth time, the tender process was started at the international level for the Dharavi redevelopment project. Eight big companies of the world had shown enthusiasm for this. But by the end, only three companies had expressed their wish. These included Adani, DLF and Naman Group. But during the inspection of procedures, the application of Naman Group was found ineligible and it was rejected.

Adani’s 5 thousand crores, did not last in front of DLF’s 2 thousand crores

It was necessary to bid at least 1 thousand 600 crores for the project. Adani Group won this project by placing the highest bid i.e. 5 thousand 69 crores. DLF Group bid much less than this. DLF Group bid for 2 thousand 25 crores. Naman Group’s bid was disqualified due to technical reasons. Because of this the project went to Adani. Now soon the work of this redevelopment project will start after finalizing the tender on the basis of the conditions of the state government.

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Rehabilitation in the next seven years, redevelopment in the next ten years

The Dharavi redevelopment project is going to be worth about 20 thousand crores. This project is to be completed in the next 17 years. The rehabilitation work will be completed in the next seven years. Dharavi once had a huge leather industry. As Mumbai grew, this slum also expanded and small scale industries also grew in the same proportion. This area is located right in the heart of Mumbai. It has Bandra-Kurla Complex on one side and Dadar on the other. About one million people live here. In such a situation, the work of rehabilitation before redevelopment is huge.