Musewala’s murder shook, didn’t even eat food, now Indian weightlifter dazzles at CWG 2022

Indian weightlifter Vikas Thakur won the silver medal for the country in the 96kg category in Birmingham on Tuesday and celebrated in a special way after winning the medal.

Vikas Thakur won the silver medal in the 96 kg category.

Image Credit source: PTI

Indian weightlifters Commonwealth Games 2022 I have shown my passion. From the second day to the fifth day, India won 8 medals in the Games for four consecutive days. One name in this list of Indian medal winners Vikas Thakur There is also Ka, who won the silver medal in the 96 kg category. During his lift, Thakur sang the famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala Celebrated in a style that caught everyone’s attention. Vikas Thakur has also told that he did this only in memory of Moosewala.

Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala was murdered in June in his village by several miscreants in an indiscriminate firing. The murder of Musewala shook the whole country. Investigation is going on in this case and Punjab and Delhi Police have arrested many accused. Apart from this, the death of Moosewala, who was very popular among the youth due to his songs, shook his fans. 28-year-old Indian weightlifter Vikas was also one of the youths who were deeply affected by Musewala’s death.

With every moment, the memory of Musewala

Vikas, who raised India’s flag in Birmingham on Tuesday, 2 August, after winning the silver medal, told that while coming from India to participate in these games, he listened to the songs of Sidhu Moosewala and during the match also the songs of Moosewala. were thinking about. After his lift, Vikas patted the thigh in the style of Musewala. He later said about this,

“Punjabi Thappi was a tribute to Sidhu Musewala. I had not even eaten food for two days after his murder. I have never met him but his songs will always be with me. I was hearing the same thing even before coming here. I will always be a big fan of his.

The way of games to protect against bad company

The Ludhiana-based weightlifter, who won a medal in the third consecutive Commonwealth Games, narrating his story of getting into this sport, said, “I used to do my homework early and lest I get into bad company, so my parents encouraged me to play sports. put in. After trying my hand in athletics, boxing, I chose weightlifting.

Vikas won the silver medal in the 96 kg category by lifting 346 kg. Earlier, he won silver in 86 kg at Glasgow Games 2014 and then bronze in 94 kg at Gold Coast Games in 2018.