Naagin 6: Rishabh Gujral got a big clue, stole half an envelope from Pratha’s purse

Naagin 6 has now come in an interesting twist. So far, the serpent form of the practice has not been seen in this show, although at the moment everyone is suspecting him to be the enemy of the country.

Rishabh Gujral got a big clue

Colors TV ,Colors Tv) Fantasy TV Serials Naagin 6 ,Naagin 6) In Rishabh Gujral ,Simba NagpalLooking for a clue for a few days. In today’s episode, Rishabh finally got the clue he was looking for. Actually Rishabh is an army officer and he was given an envelope which reached him only halfway. Rishabh during the wedding rituals Practice ,Tejasswi Prakash) then he sees half of the envelope in Pratha’s purse and remembers that Pratha is the same girl he is looking for because Rishabh saw that the person who ran away with half the envelope collided with Pratha .

Rishabh finds the envelope

Rishabh is suspicious of Pratha from the beginning and this is the reason why he has not been able to fully trust her. Saving her eyes, he goes to the room where his staff’s belongings are kept. Going there, he quietly finds half the envelope from the purse of the practice. After putting this envelope in hand, Rishabh gets the entire message. In that message it was written that there is a conspiracy of some big people in the epidemic of the country.

Rishabh has doubts on the practice

When he finds the envelope from the purse of Rishabh tradition, then he gets suspicious. In a discussion with your army friends, Rishabh says that if the girl’s intentions were right, she would not have kept this entire message hidden in her purse. That is, that girl will be a small pawn of the enemy country. When Rishabh sees Pratha standing outside his room, his suspicion turns into conviction. Although the practice is unaware of all this.

Ichchadhari Nagin took his next step

On the other hand, the remaining serpent has not only found its first victim, that is, a demon who is taking the country towards the epidemic, but has killed him. Now she herself has joined the marriage rituals at Gujral House taking the form of a minister. Now he is searching for 4 Asuras. However, till now she has not been able to see the faces of these asuras. However, the dying Asura has pointed towards his future Jamai Rishabh, so the rest of the serpents are suspecting Rishabh.

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