Naagin New Promo: Are the remaining serpents responsible for the pandemic? Tejasswi Prakash and Mehak Chahal will clash on the small screen?

The first two episodes of ‘Naagin 6’ have gone on air. So far, the audience has liked this new show of Tejashwi Prakash very much. Along with Tejashwi, many other well-known names are included in this show.

Are the remaining serpents responsible for the epidemic?

Colors TV (Colors Tv) K fantasy reality show ‘Naagin 6’ (Naagin 6) Till now we have seen that the remaining serpents along with the professor are searching for the demons of the country who are cheating the country. However, recently, a shocking revelation is being seen in the promo shared by Colors TV on its social media. If what is said in the video is true, then the reason for spreading the epidemic in the country is not the demons but the remaining serpents. And if this is true, then soon to save the country from the clutches of the remaining serpents, the best serpent means that the practice will have to come in its original form.

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In the video we can see that the father-in-law of Rishabh Gujral is one of the 30 Asuras mentioned by the professor. Those who are going against the country and joining hands with the enemies. The rest have come to Gujral’s house looking for them. When she finds this Asura, then her anger will go to the seventh sky. She will attack that Asura, taking her serpent avatar. However, even while dying, he will threaten the Asura Nagin that this war is not over yet and it will cost him dearly.

Are the remaining serpents responsible for spreading the epidemic?

Now the one who had the hope of saving the universe, has he hatched this conspiracy of the epidemic? This is going to be revealed in the upcoming episode of Naagin. In the caption below this video, it is written that “The serpent who saved Kainaat was accused of spreading the epidemic, is his hand behind this conspiracy. To know, watch Naagin 6, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm.” Tejashwi Prakash Mehak Chahal and Simmba Nagpal have also been tagged in this post.

Love triangle will be seen in the show

Now the remaining serpent will be blamed or whether he himself is responsible for the conspiracy of this ‘pandemic’, it is not clear yet, but this story is moving towards love triangle somewhere. Because till now Rishabh’s character is seen talking to both Pratha and the rest of the serpents. On one hand Shesh Naagin and Rishabh are friends, while on the other side Rishabh is suspicious of the practice. That’s why this story reminds of Mouni Roy and Ada Khan’s serpent.

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