Nancy Pelosi became aggressive on China’s antics, said- Xi Jinping is threatening because of fear

Nancy Pelosi said that the members of the US Parliament, ie Congress, are not going to be afraid of China’s response to her visit to Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi targeted Xi Jinping.

Image Credit source: PTI


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TV9 Bharatvarsh

TV9 Bharatvarsh | Edited By: Harshit Mishra

Aug 10, 2022 | 7:25 am

Many countries, including the US, are expressing their displeasure over China showing aggression towards Taiwan. Recently, Speaker of the US House of Representatives who visited Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi has also once again attacked China. He has said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is threatening to fear. Along with this, he said that the members of the US Parliament i.e. Congress are not going to be afraid of the response being given by China regarding his visit to Taiwan.

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