Nancy Pelosi: This elderly American woman removed China’s grandeur…

The world was stunned by this visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while China was in panic. China made many efforts to stop this, but Nancy completed her trip to Taiwan. Through which he has removed the grandeur of China.

US diplomat Nancy Pelosi has spoiled China’s air by completing her visit to Taiwan.

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China was already upset with America in the affair of Taiwan. Now America has given one of its elderly women Nancy Pelosi He has made a big game by sending him to Taiwan. However, the same game that America is considering as a game has snatched the peace of trickster China. China is neither crying nor laughing. This woman’s trip to Taiwan has turned China into a punctured airplane. The one that is there is huge in sight but due to puncture, it is not in a condition to fly. Overall, this elderly woman of America has removed China’s grandeur. In fact, for the last six months, the war may have broken out between Russia and Ukraine. For two days, but the condition of China is bad. China and America are again face to face in the affair of Taiwan. Meaning this issue is between the trio of America, China and Taiwan. After this, there is a stampede-like situation in the world.

China is desperate to get Taiwan. By the way, Taiwan has remained the grit of America’s eye for the last 40 years. But, for the last two days, an elderly woman from America has increased this pain of China. What has increased the pain, understand that by making China sleepless, its peace has been disturbed. The name of this woman is Nancy Pelosi.

China felt a strong current as soon as Pelosi set foot in Taiwan

Alam is that ever since the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and veteran female politician Nancy Pelosi has touched the ground of Taiwan. Since then, China is feeling strong tremors of current. The condition of the vibrations created by these tremors is such that the Chinese rulers are neither getting sleep nor feeling hungry and thirsty for two days. Because of an old lady who has nothing like bomb-ammunition in her hand all the time. Still the condition of China, always dreaming of achieving the world on the basis of atom bombs, bombs, ammunition, this unarmed woman has spoiled. If experts in the affairs of India and China are to be believed, then only an elderly American woman’s visit to Taiwan has the power to bring China into this state of plight. So imagine that when China and America face each other in the war zone, how much the fear of deteriorating the health of China is getting confirmed.

Nancy’s visit to Taiwan leaves the world stunned

Nancy Pelosi, a country that owns a great nuclear power like China, will shake and tremble so much at the threat of an elderly American woman setting foot in her neighboring country, ie Taiwan. Leave the talk of people in the hope of this. Even his own people in China would never have done it. This visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left the world in a tizzy and China in panic. China, stunned by this American spectacle going on over its head, has not only given a ruckus to destroy Taiwan. Otherwise, China, struggling with itself in this bad time and screaming standing alone, has stirred even that America. In which, two days ago, America killed the world’s most dreaded terrorist organization and its enemy number one Al Qaeda’s number al-Zawahiri in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

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Nancy removed China’s grandeur

According to Indian defense experts and former officers of Indian intelligence agencies, as far as it is concerned to tell the reality of China, who is eager to become the grandfather of the world, it is known to all that China becomes a country with a punctured airplane-like condition in the world. He is going. Which to say is like a huge airplane but due to puncture, it is not in a condition to fly. Taiwan and America have also understood this very well. Therefore, America-Taiwan is unconcerned by the screams of China and the restlessness of China is bound to increase with every breath of America Taiwan. It is a matter to think that the condition of China when the speaker of the US House of Representatives has reached Taiwan. Then what would be the reality if China reached before America on the issue of Taiwan?