NASA claim: Mysterious rocket collided with the moon, two pits made on the truth, scientists are surprised … do not know which country’s hand

A mysterious rocket has crashed on the Moon

Image Credit source: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University

NASA scientists are shocked after the rocket crashed on the surface of the Moon. It is not known which country’s hand is behind this. But because of the rocket, two pits have formed.

US space agency NASA (Space Agency NASA) has made a great discovery. The agency has learned that a mysterious rocket crashed on the surface of the Moon earlier this year. When the rocket landed on the surface, it left a very deep crater, which shows that it was not an average rocket. No country on Earth has claimed responsibility for the rocket’s crash on the moon. NASA is now surprised after this discovery that after all this rocket launch (Rocket Crashed on MoonWhich country could be behind this.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has shared photos of the crash site on June 24, in which the surface can be seen after the rocket. NASA has said, ‘Surprisingly, this is not one pit, but two pits. There is an east side (18 m diameter, about 19.5 yards) and west side (16 m diameter, 17.5 yards). This double crater was not expected… No other rocket has ever made such a double crater on the Moon.

Last year was feared

Astronomers had feared a crash after an unknown rocket was found on the Moon at the end of last year. Which collided on March 4 near the Hertzsprung crater. This is where wide pits are built. NASA has said that two large masses at each end of the rocket can cause craters. But this effect after the crash is quite unusual. According to NASA, the Spend Rocket is fitted with a heavy motor at one end and a lighter empty fuel tank at the other. However, the space agency did not specify further what the extra mass was.

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Big craters created by Apollo mission

NASA said in its news release, ‘Since the source of the rocket is still unknown, the double crater may indicate its identity.’ At least 47 NASA rockets have shown a ‘spacecraft impact’ on the Moon, according to 2016 data from Arizona State University. According to NASA, four large craters on the moon were caused by the Apollo 13, 14, 15 and 17 missions. These are much bigger than the pits created after the rocket crash of March 4. Although scientists say that the maximum width of the new double crater is almost equal to the pits made by the Apollo mission.